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  • Q. How to connect my reader to a Java application using the serial port ?
    A. Unfortunately Java language does not provide a native support for the serial ports so we have to use a third-part library for that purpose. We have chosen the RXTX library that seems to be the most adopted. You can download the RS232 Java support at: and follow the installation instructions on the RXTX website in order to correctly install the library. By the way, the archive contains the drivers for many platforms. For Windows O.S. the important files are:
      • Windows/i368-mingw32/rxtxParallel.dll
      • Windows/i368-mingw32/rxtxSerial.dll
      • RXTXcomm.jar
    to install the RS232 support you have to copy:
      • rxtxParallel.dll and rxtxSerial.dll under the folder \jre\bin
      • RXTXcomm.jar under the folder \jre\lib\ext and \jre\lib
    If you have to develop your own application using for example Netbeans, you have to copy this files also under the jre folder inside your Java jdk folder. If you forget to copy it, you can run your application without problem but you cannot debug it (it doesn't find the serial communication if you run it inside Netbeans).
  • Q. How is the output power expressed in your API functions and methods ?
    A. Power settings in API functions and methods are expressed in mW conducted power at the reader connector. In order to set the conducted power that generates the desired effective radiate power you shall apply the formula explained in the relevant FAQ.
  • Q. Is it possible to configure the reader in order to read tag's IDs autonomously ?
    A. Most of Easy2Read readers have this feature (called "continuous inventory") that is available through the API method InventoryTag (please refer to the API documentation for further details).
  • Q. Where can I find the last Firmware/Software version for my reader?
    A. You can download the last firmware/software version for your reader on our download area clicking on the respective link.
  • Q. How does the communication with the host computer work? Does the reader give to the computer the different IDs he received ?
    A. Together with our readers we provide libraries for the most used programming languages (C, .NET and Java). For example, in order to read the IDs seen by the reader at a given time, you only need to call a method (or a function) that returns an array of IDs. The libraries hide the details of the host-to-reader binary protocol. Please look at the API documentation for further details.
  • Q. Where can I download the protocol specifications and the CAEN RFID API manual ?
    A. The protocol specification and the CAENRFID API manuals are available for download at our website in the documentation page.
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