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  • Q. I'm using an RS232/USB converter, how can I connect the reader to the CAEN RFID applications ?
    A. The USB-RS232 converter creates a virtual serial port so you can think to the USB port as a standard COM port. To talk with the reader you must select the RS232 choice on our CAEN RFID demo application and enter the COM port number (i.e. type "COMx" where x is the port number where your driver has mapped the virtual port). To know the COM port number where your driver has mapped the virtual port follow these steps:
      1. Click Start -> Control Panel/System
      2. When the System Properties window appears, click the Hardware tab
      3. In the Hardware tab, click Device Manager
      4. In the Device Manager, double click the COM PORT
      5. See which ports are available. Usually COM1 is used for the true serial port. The other port should be the virtual port.
  • Q. How can I use the digital General Purpose I/Os in your R4300P reader ? What is the meaning of the GP I/O pins ?
    A. The ION R4300P reader has 13 GP I/O bi-directional pins to be used to control external device or to send to the reader trigger signals. Their default direction after a power on reset or a general reset is set to Input.
    The I/Os functionality can be tested using the Easy Controller demo application.
    When you use the APIs to control the GPIOs from your own application you need to specify a bit mask as a parameter for the SetIO() method/function: GPIO0 correspond to bit 0, GPIO1 to bit 1 and so on.
    Using the same bit mapping you can configure each GPIO line as Input or Output with the SetIODirection() method/function.
    Please refer to the R4300P user manual for further details about pinout and electrical characteristics and to the API manuals for further details about the I/O software control.
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