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Warehouse Automation

  • Customer: Acciai Vender (Italy)
  • Request: simultaneous identification and location of metal products handled inside the Acciai Vender warehouse
  • System Integrator : Reloc Parma (Italy)
  • CAEN Reader: A941 (placed on the forklifts)
  • Tags: CAEN A918 + labels placed on the floor

The following is a list of CAEN RFID products recommended for Warehouse Automation Applications.

NEW R4301P - Ion UHF Long Range Reader with GPRS/WIFI
A941M - TAU Embedded UHF RFID Reader
/ProdCateg/99/Warehouse_Automation_RFID_2.jpg /ProdCateg/99/Warehouse_Automation_RFID_3.jpg
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