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Temperature Logger Tags

Vaccines, drugs and clinical trials products need to be shipped within a prescribed temperature range to maintain their efficacy as well as food to maintain its freshness.

The benefits of applying RFID and sensors to perishable goods include improved food and drugs safety, longer vaccines and drug efficacy, more efficient product recalls, reduced costs due to less spoilage, lower inventories, more efficient logistics, and improved customer service.

Easy2log products allow to have a complete history of the temperature exposure of your perishables thus allowing a complete control of the Cold Chain and to predict the remaining life.

The easy2log products family is the ideal portfolio of RFID enabled loggers for temperature-sensitive products that may be damaged when exposed to improper temperature ranges during shipment and storage. Especially indicated for food and pharmaceuticals, the easy2log RFID loggers are well suited also for chemicals and special industrial products.

Easy2log products enable a new era of Cold Chain Management Solutions. Track & Trace solutions based on EPCGlobal UHF RFID standards can be combined with environmental monitoring and shelf life prediction capabilities.

Easy2log tags can be read and configured using a standard EPCGlobal compliant RFID reader without the needs of special commands or devices. Tests performed demonstrate that combined RFID and sensor technology applied to the cold chain results in an optimization of quality, an increase in supply chain management efficiency as well as increased savings due to less waste production.

A927ZET Temperature Logger UHF Semi-Passive Tag with External Probe
RT0005ET UHF temperature logger tag (EPC C1G2) with external probe
RT0005 Easy2Log Low Cost, Semi-Passive UHF Logger Tag
A927Z Temperature Logger UHF Semi-Passive Tag
easy2log SW easy2log Demo software
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